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Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game: Features, Updates And How To Download :

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Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game

Introduction Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game

This is a fighting game, the fight is between your favorite Naruto character. This game gives you the opportunity to fight hordes of enemies and complete the missions using the all-new shinobi formation battle system.

The game comes with strategic RPG fighting system that unleashes exhilarating combination attacks with your allies. This also helps master team field skills, discover new ninjutsu and become the next Hokage in the only ultimate ninja mobile game.

This game has one of the best user interface experience moreover this game also supports a multiplayer mode, with you can connect to your friends to fight.

Features Of Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game

  1. You have 100 Naruto heroes, and you have to control them. Each of them his own unique attacks and tactics.
  2. You have to fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerful special techniques, and the combination attacks.
  3. There is a mission mode in the game which will give you chance to relive the experience of the whole Naruto story.
  4. The game is full of ninja skills and powerful attacks and defends, fighting skills like closed ranged and combination attacks are included so that you can create maximum damage.
  5. You ninja field skills you can turn the tide of battle on your favor.
  6. The Multiplayer System: This mode allows you to fight with another ninja player around the world, join together and take on a mission with up to 3 other ninjas.
  7. The Monthly Phantom Castle Events: This event gets you a chance to fight with other ninjas to get points and aim for the top in a special mode that can only be accessed during special events.
  8. You can imagine the thrill to fight with many ninja players at a single place.


The current version of this application is 2.11.0 which has the following updates:-

  1. New added a feature to make your playing experience better.
  2. The user interface is a lot improved.
  3. Almost all the bug which was disturbing the gameplay is fixed.

More Details Of Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game

The game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainments Inc. this is a free action game which was published on 2018-10-30, the game comes with latest version 2.11.0, and you can get the game easily on google play, in order to use the game you need to have android 4.2+.

Some of the game similar to this game are Tokyo GH, Naruto X, Dragon Ball Z etc.

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Note: To enhance the gameplay the game is provided with some in-purchases that can enhance the gameplay and speed up your progress. If you want to play the free version you can disable the in-purchases from your mobile device settings, for more details.

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