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UC Browser App: Features And Advantages

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UC Browser Application

Introduction To UC Browser Application

  • UC browser is a mobile browser which is made by Chinese mobile internet company, launched on April 2004, it is available on a platform including Android, IOS, Windows Phone. UC Browser is made compatible with a number of operating systems this includes Android IOS, Windows Phone 8.
  • One of the best technology used by UC Browser is cloud acceleration and data compression technology. The server of the UC browser uses the proxy technology, by which it acts as a proxy which compresses the date of the available web pages before it is being sent to the user.
  • This process ultimately helps load web content faster. And in addition to this, the UC browser even uses HTML web app and cloud syncing features.

General Information About UC Browser Application

  • The size of the downloadable apk file is 39 MB.
  • This app is made and managed by UC WEB Inc.
  • This is a free communication App with the latest version available is
  • You can download this application form play store and even from the official website of UC browser.

Features Of The UC Browser Application

  • Fast And Reliable Navigation: One of the problems that people face is hanging while surfing. Due to the technology used and design of UC browser the hanging ratio is very less.
  • Fast Mode: One of the best thing that UC browser does is that it compresses the data of the web page which speeds up the loading, and on the other hand it helps to save your data.
  • Smart Downloading: UC browser helps you to manage download in a very smart way. It starts the download from where you have stopped. This helps to encounter a problem like serious network down. Again it also helps to stabilize the download, and due to compression technology, it also helps speed up your download.
  • Night Mode: You all have this habit of surfing the internet at the night time. With UC browser you can make this practice even more comfortable. You can switch on the UC browser night mode to read and browse more comfortably.
  • Gestures: To make browsing more interesting, the developers have made this Browser controllable with gestures. You can control audio video and many other operations just with gestures.
  • AD Block: Annoying ads is one of the main problems that users face, which the AD blocking option you can block ads. For nice and free surfing.
  • The greatest advantage of this browser is that you can customize your browsing experience and even you can personalize it.

Advantages For UC Browser Application

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Reliable, fast browser for Android users.
  • Easy to access favorite songs, videos, lasted match updates, scores and more.
  • The UC browser provides you with a smart menu.
  • Categorized videos based on the type of genres, and in addition to this you can adjust the amount of light falling on your eyes.

This app is completely safe and secure to use, this makes this app the right choice for the user looking for efficiency and even reliability.

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