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Facebook Lite App: Pros, Cons,and More In Depth Details

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Introduction About Facebook Lite Application

  • Nowadays there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have an account on Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform which helps people to connect with their friends share their information, photos, and thoughts. Facebook use a decent amount of data since it provides a large number of facilities to the user. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Facebook has made an app, Facebook lite.
  • The Facebook lite for android is designed by Facebook designers. This is to take care of those Facebook users which live in the area where the internet connectivity is very less. This app will cost you very less to use. The original app of Facebook users around 162MB of the phone memory. But this app uses only 4.5 MB.
  • Facebook lite is an app for the Facebook user to use Facebook and for a very less amount of data. The main idea behind the Facebook lite is that to allow the user to use Facebook without data being any problem to encounter.
  • This app is specially designed for android gingerbread 2.3 and above. This app works for all 2G, 3G, and 4G in almost all type of network conditions.

Advantages Of Using Facebook Lite Application

  • Installation: This is a very small app, hence download data and time is very less. This app again gets install in within seconds.
  • Loads Quickly: The programming for this app makes this app one of the fasted app. With the help of this app, you can open, share, and upload photos and videos faster.
  • Data Usage: The main idea behind this app is to use less amount of data. And being more reliable and efficient.
  • This app is so designed to that it can work well even in unstable networks are areas with a slow internet connection. This app can work pretty well even in 2G network.


PROS Of Facebook Lite Application

  • Users get almost all feature which is available in the main app of Facebook.
  • It is very easy and interesting to navigate and carry out common action and processes.
  • It is specially made to prevent lagging while browsing.
  • This app is very small in size.

CONS Of Facebook Lite Application

  • This app somewhat lags while you upload high-quality photos.
  • This has some of the feature missing.
  • This app doesn’t have audio and video support.

More Details Of Facebook Lite Application

Rated 8/10 this app is made by the developers of Facebook. Having more than 4 million downloads worldwide this app is free to use and download generally comes in the English version, the app is supported by most of the android versions.

Download: Google Play Store Or from this link–>


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