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Candy Crush Friends SAGA Game: Features And Game Play

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Candy Crush Friends SAGA

  • Candy crush friends are rated as everyone and it is listed in the casual categories in the app store. Candy crush friends saga is coming as a delicious game. This is an expansion of the game candy crush saga. This game boasts a deeper connection to the characters which will help to make first game a success. This game has updated features. Now in this game, you can team up with as assisting candy crush saga characters in a number of endeavors.
  • This game is all updated, with new graphics you can switch and match candles to unlock rewards, friends and sweet collectible outfits, the more candles you collect the more power you get on the leader board.
  • This game or the updated version is filled with delicious treats-cookies jam, chocolates and many more thing to explore. The game is become sweeter after getting updated.

Features Candy Crush Friends SAGA Game

  • This game has hundreds of level to play with.
  • This game is an easy play and it is very tough to master.
  • You can play this game as in online mode or in offline mode.
  • The game is 3d hence it provides one of the best in class experience.
  • One of the best features of this game is that you can challenge your friends. And let the master win.
  • You can even team up. And help each other to get a blast.

Candy Crush Friends SAGA Game Play

In this game you need to bring the same type of candies in a row, once they come in a row you can blast them up. Which results in getting point. The more you bring candies in a row the more is a blast and the more you are able to get points. The amount of point you will get depends on the number of candies in a row. And the points are doubled or extra points are added when the number of candies in a row gets larger in size. Arrange more candies, hit them up get more and more points and get the level up.


Candy Crush Friends SAGA is completely free to download and purchase, again this game is free from any type of in-app purchases. If you get addicted to the game and if you want to go the pro version you need to pay a decent amount to unlock. But one of the best thing to do it that to stop in-purchases form your phone setting. This game is a very nice game to play whether you want to pass your time to you want to take a break from your busy life. Candy crush is a must try the game for both for lovers and even for those you don’t play games much.

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